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No WiFi, No outlets. Mojo is not an internet cafe.


Mojo Bike Shop Is Now Closed

For information about remaining items for sale like bikes, tools and accessories, please contact the email or text below.


text message 415-574-0570

It is with both happy and heavy heart that I announce the end of the Bike Shop.
I have enjoyed ten wonderful years of this dual business adventure. Bikes are my passion, my customers have been amazing and I have no regrets. But now, it is time to ride MY bike. I have had little time to ride on two wheels in recent years, and now seems like the time to get back to it.

The official last day of the bike shop will be Sunday, July 9th. Starting July 5th you can expect heavily discounted items in the shop.

After the 9th, the Mojo Cafe will continue as before. We will keep seeking out great new local beer, making sandwiches, salads and of course the breakfast bagel.

Many thanks and much love!

Although we specialize in bike repair and maintenance, we also carry a wide selection of components and accessories. Please feel free to stop in during business hours to either get and estimate or browse the shop. Don't hesitate to ask if you can't find something.


Jamis - Coda Sport Femme

MSRP $529 - Clearance $395

Available Sizes: 14"

Edgerunner 30D

MSRP $2699 - Clearance $1950


We have one full tool board that includes truing stand, bike stand and two tool cabinets for $1400.

For details ask by email at or by text at 415-574-0570

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